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WATCH: Boy Bands Through the Years

Boy bands will always hold a place in our hearts.

We all remember our first experience with puppy love. It might have been the shy boy who sat next to you in history class. Or it might have been the boy who lived next door. But for many of us, our first love was a member of a boy band.

You remember them well. Bands that were comprised of usually four to six young guys who wore the right clothes, had the right hairstyle, and always appeared single. Oh, you might have seen them in a magazine with a young model or actress. But don’t worry, they always said they wanted to marry a “normal girl”. Of course, that sent most of us into a dither and we hung their picture on our walls at home, posted their posters to our dorm room closet, and dreamed the ultimate fantasy of marrying a member of a famous boy band one day.

We went to their concerts whenever they came into town and chatted with our girlfriends about which one we liked. And everyone one of your friends each seemed to like a different member of the band! This was ideal because there was someone for everyone and no one had to share. One was usually shy, one outrageous, another was known for his smarts, and there was always one sensitive guy.  In other words, if you went for the crazy drummer, your friend had dibs on the sentimental lead guitarist.

So, come with us as we take a look at boy bands throughout the years. Some you might remember being in love, or lust, with them yourself! And others might be a bit before or after your time, but you can still appreciate the years of sheer fun and madness they caused in generations of young girls who just loved to hear them sing.


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