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WATCH: Zac Posen Reviews Fashion in Pop Culture

Zac knows all, sees all, and says all…

OMG, Zac Posen, love him, love him, love him! This celebrity fashion designer is known for gorgeous gowns that celebrities like Natalie Portman, Rihanna, Kate Winslet, J-Lo, Beyonce, and so many more love to sport on the red carpet. In addition, he’s also known for creating affordable bridal gowns and being the designer chosen to redesign the uniforms for Delta Airlines!

Posen’s influence is everywhere from “Project Runway”, where he was an official judge, to Target where you might have seen “Zac Posen for Target” lining the shelves.

So, come with us as we listen to Zac’s unique take on fashion in pop culture.  He reviews pop culture icons that we are all so very familiar with.

With a dry wit and a bold sensibility, you can see why he has captured the minds of so many. And you also see how he has legions of fans and not simply because he designs clothing. Hearing him speak, you can tell he hasn’t let success go to his head.  His warm nature and calm demeanor instantly charm you.  In fact, you will genuinely like the guy!  With an affable personality, you almost wish he was in your circle of friends or perhaps a distant cousin or funny uncle that everyone loves to talk to after dessert.

We actually wish this video was longer in fact! Too bad they didn’t ask him about his take on politics, religion, sexuality or other topics that are certain to ruffle a few feathers. Oh well…maybe next time.

Are you a fan of Zac Posen or his designs? Have you worn a dress of his before? Let us know in the comments!


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