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All the Ways You Should Be Using Rose Water

You may already be using rose water as a setting spray for your makeup, but there are lots of other ways to use it!

We have all come to realize that roses serve a lot more purposes than just to be given as a romantic gesture. Rose water has been seriously hyped up lately. This classic Middle Eastern ingredient has found its way into every beauty routine. Countless ingredient lists seem to contain it (just check your recent favorite toner). While it is usually incorporated into products, rose water at its purest form can be used in countless ways- ways that you may never have even thought of. We’re here to hook you up with a few extra, secret ways you can put your rose water to work!

Face Mask Prep

Rose water’s benefits for your skin are absolutely endless. Many people swear by using a spritz of it to add some radiance to your skin. However, most people don’t think to use it as a prepping step before applying a face mask.

Whether you’re doing a sheet mask or a clay mask, spritzing some rose water onto your skin before applying it can help protect your skin from any harm the mask could cause, as well as opening up your pores to absorb the mask fully. This works especially well under a sheet mask to give you some extra hydration.

Intensify Makeup

Many people know that rose water works to set your makeup or to help you remove it, but what about giving it an extra oomph? If you’re a makeup fanatic, you may have heard of spraying your brush to get some extra intensity out of makeup products. Well, rose water is the ideal ingredient to do that.

Rose water adds moisture and hydration that will allow the products to adhere better and more intensely. This works for eyeshadow or even blending out your foundation!

Acne Spot Treatment

When we get a pimple, it’s all about the toothpaste or salicylic acid; anything that can dry that pimple out as quickly as possible! But sometimes drying it out or over-treating it can only lead to future scarring.

Using something more soothing can actually heal the spot gently. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties which allow it to reduce the redness and anger of a spot! This gentler approach is guaranteed to work better.

Prime Your Body

Another amazing use for this flowery product is to just lather your entire body in it. Spritzing rose water all over your body right after a shower is a perfect first step to applying body lotion or moisturizer. Seal the benefits of rose water in with your lotion and your skin will be soft and supple for days!


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