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What Lip Color to Wear for an Audition

Make Your Audition All About Your Performance with the Right Lip Color

As an actress, you really want to nail every audition. Because of that, it is important to pay attention to every detail. What should you wear? Should your nails be done? How should your makeup look? No doubt you have many questions. And many answers can change based on the audition. But what about your lip color? That seems like a minor detail, but wearing the right lip color can do wonders for your audition.

Above all, it is important to remember that the crucial part of the audition is your performance, not your appearance. That being said, it is important to wear a lip color that doesn’t stand out and make a statement. You don’t want to be typecast based on your makeup. And you definitely don’t want your makeup to distract the casting director. Being a working actress, herself, Candace Kita is here to show you the right lip color for you for your audition. Check it out! As a result, you may just learn something valuable.

A special tip: For most people, the perfect lip color would be ‘Fashioniser’ in the Glamour Garden Liquid Lipstick set. (Candace is wearing ‘Fashioniser’ in this video!) We would also recommend ’90s Girl’ to some based on their skin tones. That could be another good neutral tone for many to wear to an audition.


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