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What Meat Substitute Builds as Much Muscle as Animal Protein?

If you think you need to eat real meat to build muscle, think again!

For many gym-goers, building muscle means that you have to eat protein.  And for many, this means consuming chicken, fish, beef, and pork.  But did you know that there may be a non-animal protein that could build as much muscle as meat? What is it? It’s Beyond Meat!

By eating Beyond Meat, you can build as much muscle as by eating animal proteins. In fact, Beyond Meat contains 20 grams of plant-based proteins that are used as the building blocks for muscle development, which means that Beyond Meat contains a lot of protein that can be used by the body.

Beyond Meat’s Beyond Burger is the world’s first plant-based burger that looks, cooks, and feels like beef. And, believe it or not, it is made without soy, gluten or GMOs. It’s a plant-based protein for almost anyone no matter their dietary restrictions.

Another benefit of Beyond Meat is it benefits the environment. This is in contrast to the meat industry that has had a detrimental effect on our environment.

In addition to Beyond Meat, there are many other non-animal options for protein such as quinoa, tofu, lentils, seeds, and nuts! So, what are you waiting for? If you want to achieve better health, help our environment and end the inhumane practices of the commercialized meat industry, try Beyond Meat or other non-animal proteins today! It just might change your life for the better!

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