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What Should You Be Wearing this Summer?

VIVA GLAM Magazine is Thrilled to Bring You Summer Trends by Kim XO!

Kim XO is a well-known celebrity stylist, and she is here to introduce you to her favorite summer trends. In this video, she shows you what you should have in your closet for the warmer months of 2018.

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Here’s what’s in this summer according to Kim:

Palm Print

Palm print is perfect for summer. It’s cute and fun, yet stylish. The palm print dress that Kim picked is light, linen, and breathable. It works with sandals or boots, as well as with a jean jacket.


Gingham is great, as it can be styled many different ways to create very different looks. While gingham is usually seen as a very cut, feminine, and soft style, it doesn’t have to be done that way. Kim prefers to edge her gingham up a little bit. She wore a vegan leather jacket and boots with her gingham instead of more feminine accessories. And the results are fantastic!

Polka Dots

Polka dots are in this summer! Kim wore her long, lightweight polka dot dress to a fashion show in London. It was cute, extremely light, easy-to-wear, and the straps worked both up or down. She encourages you to style this look with your hair in a bun, with flat nude shoes, or even with a jean jacket over it.

Animal Print

Animal print is a look that is almost always in style. Be careful not to wear animal-print looks that are too skin tight, but a cute leopard-print skirt and belt with a plain black t-shirt is something that will always look nice. You can style this with a nice tote and sandals, and you’ll steal the show.


Denim has always been a summer favorite. When picked correctly, it’s light-weight, easy to throw on, and fun to wear. Kim’s denim pick is no exception. Her denim dress is adorable, and it’s very in-style with its raw hem. It’s an easy-to-style look, as well. Kim explains that it would look great with a scarf or a denim jacket.

So, it seems the theme of the summer picks are pieces that are light and easy-to-wear. That makes sense, as who wants to be wearing something tight in the warmer, stickier months? By having easy-to-put-together, light looks, you can rule the summer in style.

Be sure to follow more of Kim’s videos by subscribing to her YOUTUBE PAGE. She has some great style advise! And keep an eye out for future videos of Kim’s on VIVA GLAM Magazine, as well.

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