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Where to Find the Clearest Water in the World

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You can study the world for your profession, or you can search online all day long, but you’re still never going to be aware of a lot of places that exist on this planet. Imagine visiting a place that has the clearest, bluest waters you’ve ever seen. You already feel relaxed just by thinking of it. Well, good news, some of these places are probably even closer to you than you would have imagined. If you love amazing beaches with crystal clear water, you’d better take a look at these unique places.

The Blue Lake in New Zealand takes the first place as the clearest one in the world. It has an underwater visibility of incredible 262ft. This amazing lake is protected by law because it is considered to be sacred by the Maori; that is the main reason why people are not allowed to go in the water. The two options that you have are: take a helicopter tour, or just enjoy the stunning view from the shore. Whatever you choose, it will be a once in a lifetime experience.

Laghi de Fusine is a breathtaking place in Italy. It is located very near to the Slovenian border and it is actually a set of lakes. Thousands of tourists visit this natural beauty each year. The water is absolutely amazing, but unfortunately is too cold for swimming. There are many agencies that offer a tour with rowboats, or you can even rent one for yourself. For anyone who likes hiking, there are many trails that you can take and enjoy a stunning view of the Julian Alps.

Feast your eyes with these astonishing natural beauties that offer the clearest water in the world. Starting from Brazil and Hawaii, to Italy and the Maldives, you can start adding these to your bucket list.

Laghi de Fusine

Where to Find the Clearest Water in the World Laghi de Fusine, Italy
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