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Why Does Walking Feel So Good?

We all do it each and every day.
And most of us enjoy walking, either for short jaunts or long hikes. But what exactly happens in your body, minute to minute, when you walk?

Minutes 1 to 5 will trigger energy-producing chemicals in your body. Your heart rate will increase from 70 to 100 beats per minute. This will boost blood flow and will begin to warm your muscles. If you are stiff, this will begin to subside as joints release lubricating fluids so you can move more easily. You will burn 5 calories per minute.

During minutes 11 to 45, your temperature will keep rising and you will begin to perspire. You will begin to burn 7 calories per minute and your breathing will become harder. You’ll begin to feel invigorated and you’ll start to relax. Your body begins to release endorphins, the feel good chemical.
Your mood will also become elevated and you will begin to burn fat.

From minute 46 to 60, you may feel fatigued as your carbs are reduced. If you begin to cool down at this time, your heart rate will decrease. But you’ll be burning calories at an elevated rate for up to one hour after you finish walking.

So walk each and everyday for good overall health. It will make you feel better both physically and mentally and will prepare you to take on your daily challenges with ease!

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