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Will Millennials Bring the End of Dolce & Gabbana?

Dolce & Gabbana is known for their ultra feminine floral designs that make you dream of Italy and The Amalfi Coast. This fashion house established by Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana in 1985 however might be falling of the runway.

Recently, Stefano Gabbana got ripped by his Instagram followers from around the world after posting a couple of the photos of D&G’s male model wearing grand fur coat in their recent show in Milan.



Comments like:

“What a shame. Holding three kittens in your profile pic, at the same time promoting animal fur industry by this pic.”;

“Hey man if you want to be admired and respected you should stop with the fur. Times are changing.”;

“Promoting fur in a position where so many people see and are influenced by you. This is so wrong. Use your platform to promote good, ethical and responsible choices. Not animal cruelty.”


.accompanied by “Vagabundos!”; “Killers!”; “Vomit!”; and “Ridicolo!” continue to flood his page.


D&G is undoubtedly one of the most influential and iconic brands of our time. Perhaps Domenico and Stefano, animal lovers themselves, just haven’t caught up with this inevitable direction of our society’s evolution.

Conscience consumerism is becoming the most prevalent, fashionable attitude of the millennium. Any brand in denial of this will surely be to its demise. Will we see D&G’s next line featuring kitten fur coats, or will it be a more consciously aware collection?



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