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Will the Future of Fashion be Furless?

There will be one thing missing from fashion’s future, and we couldn’t be happier.

I remember my mom’s mink coat. It was shiny black and, at the time, was considered to be the pinnacle of fashion. Whenever she had an important engagement to attend, out came the false eyelashes and mink coat. Times have certainly changed for the better. What was once considered opulent is now considered cruel. And fashion is now seeking other alternatives to fur that are cruelty-free.

Recently, my mom asked if I wanted her fur coat. I politely declined and told her that no one wears fur anymore. She seemed surprised. And indeed, both consumers and clothing manufacturers are just now learning that non-animal textiles can provide the look and feel of real fur without having to harm animals.

One notable move this month is the current cover of Vogue Paris that features supermodel Gisele Bundchen laden in luxurious fur.faux fur that is. And indeed, this fur looks as glamorous, rich, and “real” as animal material. And even Gisele said on her Instagram account, “So happy that @vogueparis dedicated this issue to animal protection, sending a strong message that wearing real fur is never an option!! All great designers now do beautiful #fakefur.”

This is not the only proof that perceptions about fur are changing in the fashion industry. YOOX Net-a-Porter, Giorgio Armani, and Hugo Boss all have a no fur policy. After all, the fur industry is responsible for raising and killing more than 75 million animals each year. Often, these animals are killed in extremely cruel and painful ways such as being skinned alive, electrocuted, and being caught in leg traps. Also, these animals are often kept in inhumane conditions in cages for the duration of their lives.

As there is no humane way to attain real fur, companies are now producing ethical goods for consumers that are as luxurious as the real deal!



No More Fur Farms for Germany

Row of coats made of animal fur, No More Fur Farms for Germany
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