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Your Next Vacation: Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Filming Locations!

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Celebrate this year’s big movies by making them reality!

This year has been stellar when it comes to big blockbuster movies and television shows. After all, many of us have binge-watched entire seasons of our favorite show in one weekend! So, why not turn 2017’s best movies and shows into real live adventures!

If you loved these films and shows, visit the actual filming locations of these blockbuster hits! Here are 12 movies and shows that were released in 2017 and the epic locations that they were shot!

Kong: Skull Island

This exciting adventure was shot in Vietnam. Visit the Mekong Delta, exotic rice paddy fields, and experience unique Vietnamese cuisine. This country is so lush and gorgeous that many cast members of Kong: Skull Island said it was the most beautiful place they had ever seen!

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