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5 Things to Consider When Selecting Jewelry for Your Wedding

Like so many other details that you must decide on for your wedding day, the plethora of jewelry you could wear might seem overwhelming. Luckily, it might not be so hard if you know which steps to follow and what to take into consideration. And you can find them in the following lines. 

Start with the musts

When it comes to jewelry, there are two pieces of jewelry you will wear: your engagement ring and your wedding ring. You’ll wear these two on that day and hopefully for the rest of your life. So all the other jewelry should match them. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean everything else you wear should have the same stone and be of the same metal. When we say match, we mean you should make sure they go together like pieces of clothes. And like with clothes, if you wear a pair of jeans, that doesn’t mean the rest of the outfit will be jeans too, right?

The same goes for pieces of jewelry. Put the earrings,necklace, or whatever else you are considering wearing, next to your engagement and wedding ring and see how they look together. If you like what you see, you have found the perfect combination, regardless of the materials used. 

Something old, something new…

The old tradition that exists in many nations is that the bride should wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Each of these is a very powerful symbol and each of them can be a piece of jewelry. In fact, that might be the easiest solution. 

When it comes to something old, the word of the advice is that, if you have a piece of jewelry that is a family heirloom and you knew you wanted to wear it on your wedding since you were a little kid, make that piece the base of everything. Whatever it is, everything else has to match it.

Also, jewelry pieces have this magical ability to be both something new and something old. What we mean is, that you can easily buy a piece of so-called estate jewelry. This is a piece of jewelry that was pre-owned which means it has a story and history, and it’s, well, old. But since you have just bought it, for you, it’s new. 

There are many shops around the USA where you can find this type of jewelry pieces together with amazing professionals that will help you choose. If your wedding is in Arizona, you might want to visit The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co. to look for your estate wedding earrings or necklace. Maybe even your engagement ring was bought here, you just don’t know it. 

And if you really want to check all the boxes, choose pieces with blue stones. All you have left later is to find something borrowed. 

Her highness, the wedding dress

We highly suggest that you first choose your wedding gown and then jewelry. But even if you do the opposite, you must make sure they match. So if you choose the jewelry first, make sure you have it on you while you are in the bridal salon. 

If you are wearing a necklace, it must match the neckline of your wedding dress. It’s very simple to check this. If it’s a match, the necklace will be covering your skin and there will be no parts of it on the fiber of the gown. 

The second thing to keep in mind is how the possible color of the dress you say yes to matches the metal(s) your jewelry is made of. Silver and platinum go great with white, but ivory could be a better match with gold. No need to be too strict here, though. If you and your entourage like how gold goes with the details on your dress, no matter its color, you should go for it. 

Speaking of details, they are important too. The beading on the dress might help you a lot to decide what jewelry to go for. 

Will you wear the veil?

If you found the veil of your dreams that perfectly matches the gown, you should definitely wear it. Just make sure it matches your jewelry too. 

But matching the veil with the jewelry is a bit different than with any other accessory. You should consider the veil the cherry on top of your bridal outfit. So, the jewelry should not be the other cherry, as tops usually have one, right? Do not let your jewelry be a competition to the veil that should be the star accessory. Or you might overdo the whole look. 

Make it personal

In the sea of information and advice you are swimming in when you are preparing for your wedding, it often happens that you lose yourself. This might be the worst  thing that could happen. 

Even if your earrings don’t match the wedding rings, if you think they are on point because they perfectly resemble your style, wear them. It’s your wedding after all, not some perfect but fake Instagram shot. Your style is more important than anything on the front page of a magazine. 

The bonus to choosing jewelry in accordance with your style is that it increases your chances to wear it again sometimes.

To conclude

When choosing the jewelry you will wear on your wedding day, you should keep in mind the pieces you must wear, the tradition, your dress, and the veil if there is one. But most of all, you should consider your style and what makes you feel and look good. It’s your special day. 

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