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Here are More of Katarina’s Favorite Vegan Shoes!

Katarina Van Derham
shows us more of her favorite vegan shoes!

Last year, Katarina showed us some of her favorite vegan shoes. She proved that vegan, cruelty-free shoes are just as fun, flirty, and stylish as the alternative. But better yet, they are humane and comfortable, too! You were all so receptive that we’ve put together a second video for you featuring more of her favorite pairs and brands.

Lauren Lorraine

The Lauren Lorraine brand is a well-known ready-to-wear brand with products that embody femininity, elegance, and style. Katarina loves her Lauren Lorraine black, strappy shoes, as they don’t have a platform but still make her legs look amazing.

Cri de Coeur

Cri de Coeur is a fantastic vegan luxury brand. Their products are very well made, and they come from a place of ethical compassion. “Cri de Coeur” is French for “cry from the heart,” symbolizing their desire to make footwear more ethical.

AMI Clubwear

AMI Clubwear is a very fun and versatile brand. They always offer the latest trends at an affordable cost!

Katarina’s gorgeous platform sneakers that were featured in the video were picked up in a boutique in Italy. And Dolce & Gabbana, we hope you take our note and make more vegan footwear soon.

More and more brands are creating vegan and cruelty-free products. As consumers, we have the power to create the demand for certain items. We believe that it’s important to shift your shoe-shopping focus on more ethical options. That way, we can change the way of the world one company at a time.


Katarina’s Favorite Vegan Shoes!

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