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How I Do My Eyebrows

The number 1 request I get from you beauties is to show you how I do my eyebrows. Being a victim of the 90s trend of over-plucked eyebrows, it is still challenging for me to draw my eyebrows on and make them look naturally thick and full. For those like me who have almost no eyebrows, follow my below tutorial and instructions to get the best eyebrows for you.

Draw a Basic Shape with Brow Powder

First, brush your brows. Then, I suggest to start drawing your brow’s basic shape with brow powder. I like to use Reema Beauty’s Brow Powder, and depending on my hair color, I either use the warmer or the cooler blonde shade. Because my eyebrows are naturally too arched, not having a lot of eyebrow hair gives me the opportunity to change their shape with the brow powder. I, personally, prefer straighter eyebrows because they create the illusion that my jawline is stronger than it is, and this gives me a more kind and sincere look. When eyebrows are too arched, they can give your face an expression of being mean or overly-confident, which is not the look that I like on myself. (Well, only sometimes… )

So, I run the powder straight across my eyebrows. Drawing my eyebrows thicker allows me to raise the inner corner and lower the arch while keeping the end of the eyebrow higher than it naturally sits. I keep the shape shorter instead of rounding my eyebrows down. Again, this can only be done if you have lighter, thinner eyebrows.

Define the Shape with a Brow Pencil

Once I have the basic shape drawn on, I take the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Soft Brown and define the shape more precisely, filling in the brow.

Blend and Fine-Tune with Brow Powder

To soften the look, I go with the Reema Brow Powder again. I use it on top of the Anastasia Brow Wiz to blend it in and soften the brows so it’s edges are not too hard.

Eyebrows give you a certain expression, so depending on what you want to project, choose the shape that represents you.


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