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Lifestyle of the Rich and Vegan

Celebrities & Fabulously Healthy Lifestyle

Celebrities are not just flaunting their wealth. Now, they’re flaunting their health as more faces from the big screen, to models, and even politicians are coming around to the vegan lifestyle. Some lifelong vegans and others newly reformed, they boast the benefits of a universally-healthy lifestyle and the various reasons they decided to take their diet in a new direction.

Cutting out meats, rethinking eggs, and opting for a fabulous body and clearer mind, here are a few celebs that aren’t just rich; they’re vegan.

Pamela Anderson

A vegan since childhood, the effects of the diet have long since been recognized as one of the most-coveted Baywatch girls. Pamela Anderson has been a lifelong follower. After watching her father butcher a poor deer, she developed a different mindset about eating to kill. Being one of the most vocal vegans in Hollywood, she partnered with PETA as early as her Baywatch years – long before being vegan was a trend.

Woody Harrelson

Being a vegan for nearly 30 years, it was all about health for Woody. His beliefs eventually evolved into a matter of animal rights. A bit of the vegan prophet, he preaches about the harmful effects of all cooked foods on the body and is strictly on a raw foods diet. He has also partnered with PETA in hopes to spread a compassionate message among people to consider not just cruelty to animals and veganism, but shine light on the various companies who still practice inhuman tests on animals.

Joaquin Phoenix

Another lifelong vegan, the death of a wild-caught fish meant to be his dinner was all it took for this heartthrob to turn over a new leaf. While he isn’t as vocal about being vegan as other big screen names, it definitely seems to be going well for him.

Alicia Silverstone

You shouldn’t be surprised to see this blue-eyed beauty among our list being another actress who is extremely vocal about her vegan lifestlye. Celebrating her 21st birthday by becoming vegan, Alicia Silverstone left every one clueless as to how she made such a quick transition into a healthier lifestyle. Even as the leading star of such shows like Clueless, she played characters who somewhat mirrored her lifestyle of faux fur fashions and a plant-based diet – characters who were constantly preaching the importance of animal rights and living a cruelty-free lifestyle. She later started her own platform called The Kind Life and also published a book promoting veganism as a parent.

Tobey Maguire

A newly-reformed vegan, Maguire is simply vegan because of his compassionate heart and sympathy for animals treated inhumanely. While he isn’t as vocal as other celebrities, he is definitely down for the cause. It was reported that he even refused to use a Mercedes loaned to him during his filming of the Great Gatsby simply because it had leather interiors, completely hot and consistently vegan.

Carrie Underwood

A former vegetarian and fully transitioned vegan, Carrie Underwood has taken advantage of the “no dairy” rule as a lactose intolerant Vegan. Considering herself a “practical vegan” she tries not to make too much fuss about her dining when out. She is stern about no meat; however, if she orders a dish and it comes with a pinch of dairy or cream, she isn’t in a rush to send it back to the chef. Meanwhile at home, she is a vegan masterchef. She just isn’t as hardcore as a majority of these celebs on the list, but still just as keen on living a fabulously healthy lifestyle.

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