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The Safest Way To Do A Juice Cleanse

Cleansing your body of all those nasty toxins that build up over time sounds like a score, right? But, is all the juice cleanse hype really true?

Juice cleansing has quickly become a trending source of controversy, with many people singing its praises. However, there are a few undeniable concerns for such a dramatic change in diet, so we did the research.

Here are a few tips on finding the safest way to do a juice cleanse.

Prepare Your Body

While it may be tempting to dive straight on into your cleanse, it’s important that you make gradual shifts in your lifestyle before jumping head first into the world of detoxing.

Approximately one to five days before initiating your cleanse, you should begin reducing and eventually eliminating addictive substances such as coffee, refined sugars, wheat, alcohol, and nicotine
from your diet. Without doing this, you run the risk of experiencing a hefty load of withdrawal symptoms over the extent of your cleanse, essentially ruining the experience. Nasty stuff.

Increasing your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and water are also incredibly important in the few days before your cleanse to help your body adjust to the change.

Plan Ahead

We are big believers in the importance of planning, and while you can’t prepare for every possible situation, you can definitely create a strategy ahead of time to enhance your success.

We’ve compiled some ideas of how you can plan ahead for your own benefit:

  • Find recipes and map out how many of these you will be having each day
  • Purchase plenty of fresh produce at the beginning of your cleanse to avoid going back and forth from the grocery store or market
  • Buy fresh, high-quality fruit and vegetables. As these will be the only things you’re consuming, you want to ensure first-rate produce
  • Plan the dates you will be performing your juice cleanse over – ensure you are not doing this over a period in which you will be partaking in any high-energy activities (weekends are usually a good time)

Hydrate Your Life

While you may think that you’re getting in enough liquids by just drinking juice alone, ensure that you continue to drink the daily recommended amount of 2 liters of water (this is a baseline, and should be increased with increased activity). You should be drinking water when juice cleansing. Having water immediately after a juice is an easy way to remember to stay hydrated.

This is essential in safely following a juice cleanse, as in order to cleanse your digestive system you need to be sufficiently hydrated.

Invest In A Good Juicer

This can be off-putting as a high-performance juicer can set you back a few hundred dollars. But this is an essential step, especially if juicing is going to become a regular habit in your lifestyle. A general guide to buying a new juicer is to make sure you are investing in one with at least 700 watts. This guarantees a machine that will make easy work of any fresh produce you bring its way.

A general rule of thumb when it comes to pricing is that a brand-new, high-quality juicer will cost you anything from $150. While this can seem like a huge pay-out, a juicer of this price should generally last you 15-20 years. Talk about value for money!

However, we understand that not everybody wants to break the bank for a habitual cause. A nifty way to get around this is to look at second-hand options, and reselling websites that include your local area are prime spots to pick yourself up a sweet, juicy deal.

Start Short

While there are many different suggestions on the ideal length of a detoxification process, it is highly recommended that you begin with a relatively short stint.

Juice cleansing can be done over the matter of a one-to-three day period as a beginner, and it’s important that you stay within a timeframe that you’re comfortable with. If you start to feel weak or light-headed, immediately end your juice cleanse and reassess the situation. More research may be needed, or even a consultation with your GP as to whether juice cleansing is a viable option for you.

All in all, a safe approach to juice cleansing has been neither proven to be harmful to the body nor overtly beneficial, however it is always important to do what feels best for your body. Juice cleansing can be a fantastic way to reduce the feelings of bloating and sluggishness, but must always be addressed with caution.

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