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These ‘It Pieces’ Of 2022 Vow To Make You Fall In Love With Them

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You may believe that putting together a whole wardrobe consisting of “it pieces” is hard — and expensive — but it’s actually fairly simple. A few iconic designer pieces are all you need to create outfits that will become wardrobe classics.

Although it may appear counterintuitive, buying in high-quality, classic statement pieces which will last you over years, if not generations, maybe good and save you thousands of dollars in the big plan of things.

These are clearly investment items, so don’t be hesitant to splurge on a few if the opportunity arises. They’re classics that may survive for years, or perhaps decades, if properly cared for. They’ll keep you going through working days, meals with the parents of your significant other, business events, and so many more occasions.

These It pieces Of 2022 Vow To Make You Fall In Love With Them
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Photo By @taramays25/Instagram

The ovular silhouette glasses are all the rage in 2022. If you are going to movies, or lunch, or even hi teas, they will never disappoint you.

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