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What Are the Dos and Don’ts of Moving a Car?

If you can’t drive the car to the destination as you are relocating to a long distance then hiring auto transport services is a wise decision. Engaging with professional car shippers will save both efforts as well as money. However, it is important to know what you should and should not do while moving a car.

It is a recorded fact that most car owners do not have the right knowledge of moving any type of vehicle. This lack of knowledge can become a core problem in ensuring the safe transport of your second most valuable asset. We have prepared a guide for moving vehicles with the dos and don’ts that you should know while moving a car? Here, have a look:


  1. Go for quality over cost 

When it comes to considering aspects while hiring auto movers, make sure you keep the quality as your primary aspect. There are a lot of people who hire the movers who give them the lowest quote and do not consider the quality. This is the biggest mistake that they make and then regret later. 

     2.  Research well while finding an auto shipping company 

Make sure you research well before you hire auto movers. Find a company to whom you can trust in handing over your car. Your car is one of the most expensive possessions you have therefore handing it over to someone strange might be difficult. Choose a reputable auto shipping company and get all the information about the company and then hire the right one. 

   3.  Make sure you and your transporter is well aware of the transport goals 

You might have hired the right auto shipping company who is ready to offer you good quality services at a low cost but remember that they are not aware of your transportation goals. It is your responsibility to communicate well about everything to them. Keep all the information clear with your auto transport company. 

     4.    Remove all your items from the car 

The car becomes a second home to all of us and we keep a lot of items in our cars from important documents to some household items like bottles and so on. Before you ship the car, make sure you remove all the items from the car. One of the main reasons behind it is because, during transportation, items will roll in the car and will damage the car interior. And there is also a chance of losing them because auto transport companies do not take any responsibility for the items present in the car. 

    5.     Keep your documents ready 

Car shipping and moving require a lot of documents. Make sure you keep all the documents ready and handy so that whenever needed, you can access them easily. 

   6.      Confirm the payment 

Make sure you confirm the cost twice so that you would not face any problem later. Also, don’t forget to ask for the payment options so that you can get ready with the payment when you receive your car at the delivery address. 

   7.      Confirm the schedule 

Though the drivers of auto shipping companies are very understanding still it is important to be available at the pick-up time and delivery time. Make sure you confirm the pick-up and delivery time and also don’t forget to confirm the delivery address. Sometimes a lack of clear information can make you caught in a big problem later. So, be clear with everything and confirm everything before you take any step. 


  1. Don’t forget to check the insurance policies 

When it comes to car shipping, most companies provide insurance coverage. Having insurance makes you have peace of mind during the car transportation. Ask for a copy of the insurance policy from the car movers and make sure that you have purchased an appropriate insurance policy. You should know what is covered and what is not covered in the insurance policy so you don’t face any problem later. 

      2.  Don’t assume anything like transport is custom made 

Don’t make any assumptions on your own regarding the move like it is custom made. According to the geographical features, if there is difficulty in arriving at the location then carriers will accommodate the customer and can take your help. 

     3.    Don’t skin maintaining communication during the entire process 

It is recommended you keep maintained communication with the movers until you get your car delivered to your address. Make sure you hire a transport company to whom you can trust while handing over your car to them. 

     4.    Don’t forget to read the entire quote 

No matter whether the entire quote is lengthy and time-consuming, still make sure you read it well. If there is something difficult to understand then you can ask it to movers but pay attention to every single detail and don’t skip anything. 

    5.     Never forget auto safety standards 

Every country and state has its own traffic rules and regulations which everyone has to follow. Make sure you comply with the regulations and get your car services accordingly. Make sure the movers also work while considering all the protocols that had been established there in the state of the country. 


Moving your car to a new location is always one of the most difficult tasks. Make sure you hire the right movers to get the job done. Follow the above dos and don’ts to let your car reach its destination smoothly. Even if you are moving a motorcycle, you must know the right dos and don’t’s procedures and enjoy a safe relocation.

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